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Saving money

March 10th, 2009

Dr> BrainPeople usually live from one paycheck to another. This is the way we live, which is STUPID. We should save money for bad times.

Me, for example, I like to put some money away and “forget” about them. As every American, I do have loans. not one, 5 of them. It’s true that I’ve made some investments, but now I have to pay the loans back. Why I’m not worried? I’m used to put some money away. In this case, counting only the loans, I have savings around 12 installments. But I am always saving money for usual expenses, so that in case I’m losing my job, so I can live without a paycheck one year. Clever, don’t you think? :)

I know is hard in the beginning¬† to put some money away, but start with small amounts. Put yourself a target as “I have to save 100 $ per month”. Put the message in your several parts of the house. For example, put it in the kitchen, in your room, on the out door, and on your computer monitor.

Start with coins. Change the coins in paper money. Little by little you will get more and more. When you get out with firends, order only one meal and drink water in stead of bear. You will save money! I do!


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