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Saving tip: take the charge out when you don’t use it

March 10th, 2009

You charge the phone. After it, plug out the charger, otherwise it will still consume some watts, unneccesary. And if you use the charger for 1h in 7 days, the rest of the hours u just wasting electricity, because u are lasy… move your butt and save the planet


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Saving tip: don’t use screensaver

March 10th, 2009

From the begining of Windows, we were tought to use screensaver, to save power. Well, actually, is not true. The best way to say electricity is to set your monitor to enter in stand-by, or even close it from the button. Screensaver consumes a lot of power… Kill the monitor if you don’t look at him.

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Save money: plug out your appliances

March 10th, 2009

Hei, Dr. Brain in da house. Wanna save some money? And the environment? Whenever you are not using the electric devices, plug them out from the electric network. The reason is simple.

Even they are turned off, they still consume some watts! And those watts are keep adding in, increasing your electricity bill unnecessary!

Hope this advice helps :)

Dr. Brain

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