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Credit cards

March 10th, 2009

credit cardsCredit cards are one of the most devious invention of human kind. It allows you to spend, mortgaging with your future life and future incomes. What is weird is that everybody consider that THEY DESERVE to spend on debt. So credit cards become a very good industry to make people slaves to consumption.

USA became the most in debt country in the world. And collectors will come some day. Usually in a form of the crisis. Now we have a big crisis on our hands. Hopefully it will pass. But huge amounts of money had been lost…

Anyway, my advice to you is to NOT USE credit cards again. I know, you got used to them. They are handy. They are cool. But is wrong. You should consume on what you have.

Buying on credit was considered a excelent invention. It permits you to buy something now, instead of 20 years from now. In both cases you were paying the money. The only difference is that if you buy on credit, you get the asset now, not when you are old and dying.

The things is that buying on credit involves many risks.

The exacerbation of the credit (especially via credit cards and loans), determined the increase of prices. If the credit was not here, the prices would be a tenth of present value. Much more affordable, in the first place…. isn’t it? Not to mention the devaluation of whatever you can buy with a credit card.

Credit cards are nocive especially because they allows you to buy consumption things, not assepts that you can consider investments, correct?

So, why should you use credit cards? Just as a drug addict needs his dose? Can’t you restrain yourself from spending guaranteeing with your future life? Credit cards are good only if you invest something in yourself. If allows to buy a future stream of income.

Did i convinced you not to use credit cards? :)


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