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Homeowner Secured Personal Loans

April 24th, 2009

Homeowner secured personal loans are helpful for a homeowner to meet his personal requirements. But before applying for these loans, you should be aware of where to look at and how to proceed. Here is a brief note informing you the same. To get the best deal regarding homeowner secured personal loans, you need to have a good equity on your property. Now, what is equity? Well, in simple terms equity implies the market value of borrower’s property in excess of all debts to which it is liable. Higher equity on your home leads you to opt for a good amount of money under homeowner secured personal loans.

Equity has its own importance. Except determining a good amount of money, it also proves the trustworthiness of a borrower. The lender remains stress free as in case of payment default, he can easily repossess borrower’s property. This is where, a borrower should remain careful. He should always go for a loaned amount, which he can repay easily. This would help him to get rid of any inconvenience to be held the future.Selection of a proper lender also plays a significant role behind a good deal of homeowner secured personal loans. You can go to banks, loan lending organizations, financial organization to find out such loans. Get several loan quotes from a variety of lenders before making any final decision. Here you can also take the help of online method. It saves your time and gives you proper feedback. Through online search, you could be able to contact innumerable lenders, who have been offering homeowner secured personal loans for a long period of time.

Once you get the loan quote, you can start comparing these with one another and can finally select the best lender with the best quote. And after selecting an appropriate lender, you can easily fulfill any of your requirements with hefty amount of money.


To get the best deal regarding homeowner secured personal loans, you need to have a good equity on your property. Selection of a proper lender also plays a significant role behind a good deal of homeowner secured personal loans.

James Taylor holds a Master’s degree in Commerce from JNU. He is working as financial consultant for Chance For Loans. To find debt consolidation loans, debt consolidation loans, cheap rates, personal loans, secured loans, unsecured loans, improvement loans


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Dollar versus euro

April 21st, 2009

I was always wondering why oil prices is expressed in usd, when OPEC countries are loosing big money because of this. If their product will be quoted in euro or other strong currency, they would make much more money. One answer is the US army. US is (still ) the biggest economy in the world, although in the next years we will see a changing in roles 😉

Now, I see that also other sources are saying that dollar will loose it’s supremacy. Well this indeed is a fact. All great empires had their ups and downs. Is only a matter of years until dollar will be history, in terms of referrence. And, providing enough time, the chinese yuan will take over :)

So, if you want to read other interesting financial news, you can visit this great site:

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Save money with a refinance mortgage loan

April 17th, 2009

Save Money With a Refinance Mortgage Loan – If you took out a fixed-rate mortgage several years ago and interest rates have since dropped, refinancing may lower your payments considerably. A $150,000 mortgage with a 30-year term and a rate of 8 percent, for example, carries a monthly payment of $1,100. The same mortgage at 6 percent will have a payment of less than $900 a month. All Credit Welcome!

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Greed is good for your health

March 11th, 2009

greed is goodI read somewhere that greed is good for your health. Studies showed that greedy people are thinking more then non-greedy and the incidence of Alzheimer is lower between greedy people, because they keep thinking. They thinks how to make/save money. :)

Cool :)

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One of the best books I ever read

March 11th, 2009

rich dad, poor dadActually is not only a book, is a series of books, written by a guy, Kyosaki. The first book I suggest you to read is “Rich dad, poor dad”. Is written like for IQ80 people, but is very useful.

Basically, we, humans, we were used with some habits from the industrial era. Our parents were brainwashing us: “Mom, go to school, get high grades, be nice, go higher somewhere with a big paycheck. This is how success will look like.”


Imagine that one day you are loosing the capacity to work. Statistically speaking, wortldwide, not only in states, employees have money reserve for 3 months (or something). Some live form paycheck to another, some have higher reserves. But the average is aprox 3 months. After that you need help (from the state, from family…) You become a burden.

In the same situations are the freelancers and the company owners. If the become incapacitate, the have money for a specific time frame, afterwords they are in deep shit.

The idea is that all three categories above are exchanging time for money.

In order to earn more, you need to sell more of your time. Get another job, make another surgery, craft more objects to sell. And this is not wise, because, TIME is limited. You only have 24 hours. You can, at some point to charge more for your time, but this is limited.

You should sell your money, not your time. This way u will have more free time and you can make money even when you are asleep. You should become investor in something. In a patent, in a franchise business. You should spend money on thinkgs that will provide u FUTURE SOURCES OF INCOME. The rest are pure expenses.

WAKE UP. Try to make money from something that are not time dependent. Otherwise u will be a slave for ever!!!

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Saving money

March 10th, 2009

Dr> BrainPeople usually live from one paycheck to another. This is the way we live, which is STUPID. We should save money for bad times.

Me, for example, I like to put some money away and “forget” about them. As every American, I do have loans. not one, 5 of them. It’s true that I’ve made some investments, but now I have to pay the loans back. Why I’m not worried? I’m used to put some money away. In this case, counting only the loans, I have savings around 12 installments. But I am always saving money for usual expenses, so that in case I’m losing my job, so I can live without a paycheck one year. Clever, don’t you think? :)

I know is hard in the beginning  to put some money away, but start with small amounts. Put yourself a target as “I have to save 100 $ per month”. Put the message in your several parts of the house. For example, put it in the kitchen, in your room, on the out door, and on your computer monitor.

Start with coins. Change the coins in paper money. Little by little you will get more and more. When you get out with firends, order only one meal and drink water in stead of bear. You will save money! I do!

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Save money: pay in advance

March 10th, 2009

Pay in advanceRight now, the greatest commodity is the CASH. So, if you have it, you are blessed. Because you have a strong negotiator position. Today, the sintagm: “Client is king” is more then ever true.

Did you know that if you pay in advance, you get a discount? At almost everything? From car insurrance, to mortgages, to taxes and to all financial services available? Just do it…

Or, if you know how to make money multiply, then is a better idea to loose the reduction in favour of the potential earning. You should make the calculations, to see where you earn more money… Good luck :)

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