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Girls Night at Hallmark

October 7th, 2009

Hallmark is launching for the first time in Romanian TV environment the series, trendier and sexier then they got us used to: Clara Scheler and Being Erica.

Spend a girls night, watching the two first series “Clara Sheller” and “In Eric’s mind” on the Hallmark Channel! Two brand-new series, with bold subjects, such heroines, that addresses a public couple, aged 18 to 35 years, urban.

What dreams Clara Sheller and Erica Strange? At 30 years young, beautiful, smart, really find what they expected life – the perfect husband, maybe two kids? Learn the stories of two girls in every Sunday, from September 27.

Issues addressed in the 6 episodes from Clara Sheller (season I) and the 13 episodes of “In Eric’s mind” (SEASON) are current issues in love or everyday life, we may endanger happiness. Decisions once taken, we were definitely there for only a psychotherapist we could change the emotions aroused by those experiences (if Erica). Or, seeking the love of our life in hundreds of people, not see that person under our noses is actually true happiness (if clear).

Every Sunday, from 20.00

“You know that girl who always get what they want? A great job, a wonderful man, a perfect life? I am not that girl. “Erica Strange

Life not bring anything tangible to Eric Strange. In 32 years it seems that all her plans have failed in adolescence – the love of her life never appeared perfect career has not happened and those two beautiful children seem so far now as they were then. In her opinion, only the past is made. And beats all, go to the hospital after a series of incidents …

But his luck smiled to her and everything is about to change when he meets the mysterious Doctor Tom, a therapist who seems to know more about it. A cause to change their lives and Erica grabbed this chance with both hands – and look like traveling in time to face the problems of the past.

Teenager again, but with the mind of an adult, now has the opportunity to correct past mistakes and to change the course of its own history …

Every Sunday, from 19.00

Clara Sheller has almost 30 years and working as a journalist in Paris, a magazine for women, called “L’Hebdo”. Like any other girl that I have told too many tales of Prince Charming, is convinced that they can make modern life, full of events, in a fairy tale.

Together with his best friend, JP, divided not only flat, but other things: acele┼či pleasure and danger, but more than anything, the same determination to find their soul mate. Clara falls in love, as well as JP, sometimes in the same period, sometimes apart, sometimes … the same person.


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