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Save money: buy only at SALES

March 10th, 2009

Buy only products on saleAll big supermarkets have this positioning: come to us to save money. Well actually, is not true. They have some items, which for sure are cheaper then at the competitors. They expect that u go there, see the products they advertise that are cheaper and together with the cheaper products you buy also more expensive ones, FEELING that are at the same low prices.

I saw Oprah show the other days (i know, even Dr. Brain watch Oprah, but only because Ms. Dr. brain watched her:) ) that if you decide to eat this week ONLY the SALES product, you can make a huge saving. Also, choose to buy with coupons. This way you will have a diversified diet (the offers keeps changing) and you save money.

Brilliant, isn’t it? 😀

And one more advice. Even is it on sales, DON’T BUY unless you really need them. Psichiologically, people are tend to spend more if they consider a bargain… And they reach to spend more then during non-solds days… wow


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Save money: plug out your appliances

March 10th, 2009

Hei, Dr. Brain in da house. Wanna save some money? And the environment? Whenever you are not using the electric devices, plug them out from the electric network. The reason is simple.

Even they are turned off, they still consume some watts! And those watts are keep adding in, increasing your electricity bill unnecessary!

Hope this advice helps :)

Dr. Brain

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