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Danica patrick godaddy

September 29th, 2010

Danica patrick godaddy is one of the most search terms on google regarding godaddy. It’s weird, because Godaddy pays a lot of money to celebrities, like danica patrick instead of improving the quality of his products.

I had several problems with Godaddy hosting until now. One of the most annoying is that they suspend all sites in one account when one sites they consider it has a problem. For example, i had a 500 visits yesterday on one site and all my 40+ sites were out, and Godaddy unilaterally decided to move all sites to a new server, without announcing me first.

So, they announced me after all sites were down that the transition will take up to 72h!?!?!?! I wonder what dana patrick from godaddy has to say about this 😐

So, I don’t recommend at all working with Godaddy hosting. Not reliable at all.


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