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Forex trade rate

April 22nd, 2009

I am very interested in forex market, and especially forex trade rate, for several reasons:

1. it is the biggest market in the world
2. 80%+ of the exchanges are done in speculative purposes
3. there is a high predictability over the evolution, especially in micro markets, such as individual countries.

Playing on forex, with the forex trade rate, is a very good way to make some money. You just need to pay attention to the macroeconomic environment, to understand what it will happen. The good thing is that most of the events are cyclical, so are predictible.

Looking at the forex trade rate means very much attention. And nerves. Because, versus other markets, forex trade rate is changing 24/24. There is not stop. For other markets, goods one for example, there is limited to the hourly rate of the city where the stock evolves. But not for forex. 😉

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Dollar versus euro

April 21st, 2009

I was always wondering why oil prices is expressed in usd, when OPEC countries are loosing big money because of this. If their product will be quoted in euro or other strong currency, they would make much more money. One answer is the US army. US is (still ) the biggest economy in the world, although in the next years we will see a changing in roles 😉

Now, I see that also other sources are saying that dollar will loose it’s supremacy. Well this indeed is a fact. All great empires had their ups and downs. Is only a matter of years until dollar will be history, in terms of referrence. And, providing enough time, the chinese yuan will take over :)

So, if you want to read other interesting financial news, you can visit this great site:

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