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Money finance news

April 22nd, 2009

In our world, where globalisation is keep increasing, is good to always be up to date with money finance news.

There are tons of websites outhere regarding this subject. From CNN Finance, Yahoo finance, Bloomberg, Money Finance News, google finance, to the entry level ones.

News on money and finance are interesting for most of the smar people. However, most of the humans are interested in other non-financial subject, tabloid ones. This is most unfortunatelly, because their lives continues to be slaves in a financial ever-growing empire.

Looking at news about finance and money means that you are way above average.


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Online personal loans

April 17th, 2009

These days I was asking myself what types of products are people buying over the internet. Online personal loans was one of them.

I saw that the need for money is expressed declared, people were looking on google exact keywords that lead to purchasing. I said something about this aspect on google monetisation here

People will buy stuff from internet, including these online personal loans, just because they are a standardised product. And when in need for cash, is a good idea to have a “rich relative” to go to :)

Also, before taking any online personal loans, you should be considering very carefull if you really need those money, because the cost could be very high. Just thing a little bit before jumping in that personal loan. :)

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