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Auto refinancing

March 10th, 2009

auto refinancingAuto refinancing is a very good method to decrease your monthly payments. Why? Is simple. Because maybe you just took a credit for the car that is improvable in the financing conditions. :)

You know the good part? That everything is NEGOCIABLE. So why don’t you try to renegociate the monthly payments for your car? Auto refinancing could be an excellent way to save some hundreds/thousands bucks per year.

So, first step is to be aware that is a possibility to do this auto refinancing. Second is to start looking for variants. There are thousands of lenders that are interested in offering you a refinancing. So, remember, you are in power, you are in control. Those guys are afraid for their jobs.

Go to them, ask for your auto refinancing offer and be very strong on your position. Make them fight for you. And you will get something. If you have brain, you save money, correct?

Dr. Brain


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Save money: stop driving aggressively

March 10th, 2009

Stop driving aggresivelyIf you stop driving aggressively, you will save a lot of money:

1. first you will not get speed tickets
2. second you will not wreck your car so easily (you know that driving fast exponential increase the risks to make an accident
3. your gas consumption will be lower. Depends on how fast you are normally driving, you can even save 50% of you gas money
4. take the bus :)

Yours truly,

Dr. Brain

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