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Why Refinancing a Mortgage necessary?

March 25th, 2009

There are a number of reasons why we need to refinance. The requirements of home improvement, college education or just reducing the monthly mortgage payment are some of them. You have to locate a refinancing company that provides you the most suitable rate while you opt to refinance your existing mortgage. Prior to refinancing, it is prudent that you carry out comparison shopping.

At a time when college education is getting much costlier, going for mortgage refinancing is becoming a common trend. Everybody wishes to send his child to college for higher education and become established in life. This is one of the reasons why people refinance their mortgages. There are various options for refinancing and getting professional advices from a mortgage loan expert would help you determine which option is right for you.

A quite common reason for mortgage refinancing is debt consolidation. You can repay your piled up debts like outstanding medical bills and credit card debts. This motive might become more common in the days to come with the new law for bankruptcy soon to come into existence. It eliminates creditor harassment which is truly painful while managing debts and nobody wishes to carry on with the bills they are unable to repay. Therefore, resorting to refinance to get rid of these bills is a sensible measure. This would assist you to better your credit rating.

No matter what your reason is, there would be competition among the lenders to provide you refinancing. Shop around online or contact various lenders and make comparisons between the refinance quotes offered by them. In this way, you might get the most reasonable quote that you have been searching for.


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March 17th, 2009

This is a cry for reasoning: Refinance a loan, any loan. Here is the reason: BECAUSE YOU CAN.

Refinancing means renegociation. And today, in our shaky macroeconomic environment, you need any help you can get.

I saw Oprah is telling everybody to close down the light when you are not using it, to use coupons at the grocery shop and so one. All these advices will help you save peanuts comparing to the savings from a loan refinancing.

Yes, I strongly suggest to refinance a loan. Because, in the negociation process, you will definetly cannot loose. Either a smaller rate, either in worst case scenarion, your request to refinance a loan is rejected. So, like I said, you cannot loose.

Go now to ALL your suppliers of loan refinancing and ask them to give you a quotation. Or you can ask a quotation in the right column, on our site.

To refinance a loan means a huge relief on your monthly cashflow. GO for it now. And make the comparisons. Good luck :)

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Technology breakthrough

March 11th, 2009

What are the chances that these 2-3 years we will have a huge technological breakthrough? A new type of engine that eats only 1 litter per 100 km, or fusion energy….? What are the chances?

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To copy or to innovate?

March 11th, 2009

Attention, long post!

to copy or to innovateMany people are fanatic supporters of “innovation” of any kind while crucifying “copy”. Very often it is a wrong approach.

When we enter into the professional life we are tough that it is good to innovate. “Innovation without limits is good.” Why?

– Because it helps to differentiate versus competitors and gets us competitive advantage.

– It looks good in powerpoint when we present it to our bosses.

– Because everybody loves innovation.

– Because newspapers publish WOW things and innovation is more PR-able.

Innovation is “intellectually challenging”. We like to do things that have not been done before. We like to be inventors. We feel ecstatic when we find new solutions to existing problems, solutions that have not ever been done anywhere in the world. We like to be admired by everybody and to be able to say “I did this:). Therefore, it is a fantastic social pressure for everybody to innovate.

Innovation exist on several plans:

– Innovation in communication (advertising agencies are terrorized not be accused of plagiarism)

– Innovation in business model (new models to get money from people, new needs “defined” and ready to be satisfied)

– Technological innovation, etc..

My opinion: It is wrong to innovate without discrimination, only for the sake of innovation!


1. Most innovations do not bring efficiency. For example, from 100% of patented inventions, only 1% is put into practice. For the rest of 99% the money are spent in vane (but u get the pride of being an inventor / innovator:))

2. Maybe it’s a reason why your innovation isn’t already on the market.

a. One reason may be that nobody thought of it – this is a happy case. What makes you be the first. And could that if u patented it and put into practice, even win millions of dollars. The chances are microscopic. Congratulations if you make it!

b. The other reason would be that someone else has thought of it, but they decided not to put in practice. Maybe is not making money. Maybe is not make sense. Maybe the innovation has a drawback that you, in the evrika post-euphoria, u do not see it…

Worldwide you have many competitors stronger then you. GUARANTEED they allocate much more money than you for research, they allocate people much smarter then u and much better paid than you can hire. If these mega competitors haven’t implemented that innovation, perhaps they had a very good reason. Maybe it does not work.

Maybe they tested it and decided is not worthing. In any case, if the market research that you did it not find anything, ask yourself if the innovation is good or not.

The problem is that the innovators / inventors people are very vain. They think they are the center of universe. And the vast majority fall in love by their own idea and are sure that it’s gonna be a mega hit. (I make part of them). Some share the “innovation” with their friends. Innovators have the normal tendency to disregard the opinion of others. Because they know better. They get to work implementing the innovation, spend time and money and end up nowhere. They find apologies (maybe even open your eyes and find the real reasons for failure).

If the innovator had watched the major industry players, he would had some free know-how. Up to a certain point it may be arrogance that you think you are smarter than the big players.

So the chances of innovation success are much lower than by copying success. Demonstrated statistically. (Is good that are still some idealists that innovate, so the mankind move forward. If everybody would copy / would inspire, where would we go:)).

Then, for the small entrepreneur who wants to make some money, what to do? To innovate or to copy? Statistically, if the copies are more chances of success. Sell something that already exists and is proven to work. There is a market for it, you must learn on potential customers. They already know what are they doing, how they pay, where to go find.

Obviously, it can be innovative (in communication), to differentiate in terms of marketing from its direct competitors. But the bulk of business is already standardized.

In general, an entrepreneur must take innovation/copying decision  based on what he wants: fame or fortune.

Innovators receive fame (in general). The copyists receive money.

Statistically speaking, all big companies known globally were not first, they were not innovators. They were “Fast followers”. They let others spent their resources, making attempt after attempt to obtain the right innovation. And when they had a good product, fast followers replicated it better and cheaper. And the money saved from the invention process they will spent on marketing

Google – he was not the first. Do u remember?: Lycos, Altavista, Dogpile, Yahoo …

IE – is now the biggest browser. Who remembers netscape, or rather the mosaic?

All cars have airbags. Only one innovate airbags, the rest are copies. Do you say: I don’t want a car that copied the idea of airbags, I will only buy the original. Electronics, too. Drugs: are dozens of types of aspirin, but each is named differently. The world we live in is 99% + based on the original copy innovations. And it’s ok, because we are happy when you buy the lowest price.

I personally had a lot of innovative projects, “intellectually challenging” that have failed, that I lost time and money. Because I was convinced that success only stay in innovation. Which is invalidated by the entire global economy. Always put in balance between the two innovation – copy.

Therefore, now when someone comes to me with a business proposal and said that “This idea has never been done anywhere in the world”, I ask: “Why?”

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If bankers were firemen

March 11th, 2009

Be carefull at your online presence

March 11th, 2009

Online presenceInternet is acting like an online criminal record. Whatever you do now, it will be stored for ever. So, if now you post a picture with you naked drinking beer, don’t expect much at a serious job interview, to be selected.

Remember, you can make (or loose) money with your personal branding on Google.
Technorati Profile

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March 11th, 2009

stop ffeeling sorry for yourselfI’ve met tons of people that are feeling sorry for themselves. They are crying, they are feeling depressed, they tell everybody that are in a shitty position.

Don’t be a looser! Stop blaiming others for your pathetic life. Stop blaiming your parents, your governement, the crisis, the UFO’s, the mafia, the capitalism bastards, the secret organisations, etc.

IT IS IN YOUR POWER TO DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE. Stop blaming others and concentrate on what YOU CAN do to make your life better!

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Greed is good for your health

March 11th, 2009

greed is goodI read somewhere that greed is good for your health. Studies showed that greedy people are thinking more then non-greedy and the incidence of Alzheimer is lower between greedy people, because they keep thinking. They thinks how to make/save money. :)

Cool :)

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Mortgage Problems Explained

March 11th, 2009

Cool explanation on the crisis and mortgage problems :) Is better to listen, then to watch.

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One of the best books I ever read

March 11th, 2009

rich dad, poor dadActually is not only a book, is a series of books, written by a guy, Kyosaki. The first book I suggest you to read is “Rich dad, poor dad”. Is written like for IQ80 people, but is very useful.

Basically, we, humans, we were used with some habits from the industrial era. Our parents were brainwashing us: “Mom, go to school, get high grades, be nice, go higher somewhere with a big paycheck. This is how success will look like.”


Imagine that one day you are loosing the capacity to work. Statistically speaking, wortldwide, not only in states, employees have money reserve for 3 months (or something). Some live form paycheck to another, some have higher reserves. But the average is aprox 3 months. After that you need help (from the state, from family…) You become a burden.

In the same situations are the freelancers and the company owners. If the become incapacitate, the have money for a specific time frame, afterwords they are in deep shit.

The idea is that all three categories above are exchanging time for money.

In order to earn more, you need to sell more of your time. Get another job, make another surgery, craft more objects to sell. And this is not wise, because, TIME is limited. You only have 24 hours. You can, at some point to charge more for your time, but this is limited.

You should sell your money, not your time. This way u will have more free time and you can make money even when you are asleep. You should become investor in something. In a patent, in a franchise business. You should spend money on thinkgs that will provide u FUTURE SOURCES OF INCOME. The rest are pure expenses.

WAKE UP. Try to make money from something that are not time dependent. Otherwise u will be a slave for ever!!!

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